What’s for starters?

Phew, I made it. One million and one failed attempts to create an unique blog name – willworkforfood, thehungrycaterpillar, eatingforengland,  makingamealof it all taken (damn you fellow food punners!) – and it’s done, voila!

You are reading my first attempt at writing a blog on food and travel. How original!, you might say… to which the only proper reply is ‘Darn right it’s original’ (and definitely not inspired by a certain film I saw the other day…).

In fact, this blog is for my lovely cousin (who asked if I had one) and my boyfriend* (who suggested I write one) – so that the former can see my recipes and no doubt so the latter can wolf them down…

But it’s also going to recommend restaurants. I’m living in wonderful Berlin and it’s summer… but when I first arrived here (Feb 28th) it was cold, it was grey and the food was quite frankly – disappointing.  Reviews didn’t help; the Germans are too nice and praise everything. But after months of dedicated eating, I, trooper that I am, hope to offer you some tips on where to tuck in.

*By the way, what’s the deal when it comes to naming people in blogs? ‘Boyfriend’ is a bit bland for my taste and too many ‘lovely boyfriend’ s might put people off their food. Ach, I guess I’m just worried that my favourite – well-fed Ed (or plain ‘wellfed’ for short) might be considered offensive. Oh well…


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