Eating Bergamo part 1: Da Mimmo

‘They never mentioned it was this steep’, I thought, gasping for breath as I hauled my way up the hot hillside. The spaghetti-narrow street was sucking us up past the sunbaked houses with their terracotta roofs and well-tended gardens towards the city gates with gusto. I paused for a moment to catch my breath and admire the view amidst the Lombardy poplars. ‘Come on, it’ll be worth it’ Well-Fed panted, pushing on, whilst enthusiastically brandishing our prized possession, our gastromic guide to Bergamo.

We had arrived in Bergamo that morning, stopping briefly to drop off our things at an apartment in the lower part of the city, before setting off in search of scenery and sustenance. Our appetite for a weekend of fabulous Italian food and fun had been whetted by the restaurant recommendations of a famous Italian food lover, the chef Carluccio.

Only on closer inspection of the map did we realise that food heaven really was in the clouds in the upper part of the old city, but we decided to forgo the funicular and ascend to the Citta Alta by foot. Our thoughts were simple: la dolce vita may be sweet but – with dishes made delicious through a triple bypass of olive oil, butter and cheese – it’s also gonna be short. The exercise would do us good.

Well-fed and I were therefore feeling rather virtuous – if not a little sweaty – when we arrived for a late lunch at Da Mimmo. Our waitress guided us through the robust, classy-looking restaurant to a table in the lovely courtyard in the back, where we sat riveted to our menus. I plumped for the ‘€18 lunch deal’ of gnocchi in a sage and butter sauce, a fish dish and a glass of wine.  Well-fed also went for a dish of the day, a polenta dish topped with beef cooked in red wine but – not wanting to be outdone on the number of courses – he also ordered an ‘anchovie pie’ to start.

The pie, we quickly realised was not really a pie at all.  More like a dense fishcake, it had a subtle warm, earthy flavour, quite different from the strong oily taste of anchovies I was used to. My gnocchi was the star of the show with a pillowy-light, soft texture that gave way to the shameless simplicity of sage and butter. Grilled white fish arrived unadorned but for a wedge of lemon and was as simple a classic, as I could have hoped for.  Beef in red wine was a far richer beast, with fat juicy strips of meat generously heaped over a mound of polenta. Dessert was sadly beyond us.

‘Well’, I sighed contentedly to Well-Fed, ‘it was definitely worth it,’ to which he replied, ‘So, where’s for dinner?’…


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