Sea views in Chios: A big fat Greek bargain

Stretching out before us is possibly the beautiful beach I have ever seen. The kind with showy palm fronds, good, squidgy sand, shimmery blue sea and a long inviting bay, just begging us to walk along it. And it’s literally on our doorstep.

If we can be bothered getting out of our beds that is.

Room with a view in Chios

Room with a view...

Our apartment is right on the beach. Clean and compact with big french windows to let you swing open the doors and enjoy the fabulous views, we don’t even have to get up to feel like we’re on holiday.

And the cost of this exorbitant, credit card-shredding paradise, you big show offs, I hear you cry?

Well, here’s the thing, this little place is actually rather well priced. In fact, at £621 per week for a group of six in late June, it’s downright affordable.

No wonder Ed, myself and my lovely aussie cousin Lucy are feeing rather smug.

If not a little lazy. Our days go something like this: We wake up around 9.30am and wander out onto the terrace, being sure to step over the owner’s dog, with our most literary reads (trashy magazines). Around 11am the heat of the sun gives us that kick we need to wade into the water and swim, serene in the knowledge that all this exercise and sea air is doing us good and that in no way would a delicious 12pm cheese filo pie from the local shop be a bad thing. The afternoon snoozes dreamily by and before you know it, we’re heading out to our favourite little taverna for stuffed peppers, baked feta cheese and squid, all served with lots of drinkable wine (and some incredibly undrinkable retsina) as the sun sets.

Oh and where are we again? Just the Greek island of Chios – an idyllic find.


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